There is a false belief around the world that the only way one can be kind towards others is if he or she believes in God. Otherwise their morals would not allow them to help others as they do not expect any afterlife reward bonus points. People think that atheists have no reason to do charity works.

Most people most likely haven’t even heard the story about one atheist philanthropist Robert Wilson who gave 22.5 million dollars to NYCE (New York Catholic Education). If you are wondering if you can find any other individual who is atheist and who has done such good deed, then you should know that there are plenty of such good people living on this earth.

In general, people feel that atheists are those individuals who will not care what other people think; they just do what they want without concerns of others. Some people even think that the atheists don’t have a moral code to live by. But, according to Kathryn Hepburn who himself is an atheist says that he believes there is nothing they can know just but they need to be kind to each other and perform what they can for each other.

The second richest man Warren Buffet Biography reveals that he did not give to his family’s religion and even at young age Warren Buffet was too logical, mathematical, and practical. He accepted his father’s ethical support, but he did not accept his belief in an invisible divinity. 

Warren Buffet donated over 30 million dollars to the B & M Gates Foundation (Bill and Melinda) last year and become even more popular.

Bill Gates has never explicitly made any statements about skepticism, but according to an article:

The next famous philanthropist atheists who did lots of charity works is nothing but Mr. Bill Gates. He never openly made any statements about skepticism, but in the article, it is said that Mr. Gates was interviewed on PBS in November 1995 by David Frost. The article shows that when Frost asked him do you trust the Sermon on the Mount? For that Gates said, that he doesn’t believe and he is not the one who goes to church every single day. He also said that he does not believe in certain elements of Christianity.

Mr. Gates thinks that religious values and principles are really valid, but he is not a supporter of the Sermon on the Mount. There are several pieces of evidence that show that Bill Gates does not go to church and he does not believe certain elements of Christianity. But, surely is one of the kindest people on the earth who is doing splendid charity work and helping poor people.

There are several other famous people who are non-believers but they do tremendous charities and help the poor, and in fact, they are true humans.