Interesting Facts About Science

We all love science when we don’t do it ourselves or when we have an unrealistic definition of it from the Hollywood movies. For some reason people are scared of science and they associate it with ‘scary’ high school or college subjects like Math or Chemistry. The truth is, science is amazing and we want to popularize it using our small journal. Today, we wanted to present you few cool and interesting facts about it.

In your High School days you might have learned about some amazing scientific information like the Periodic Table, Einstein’s Theory of relativity, DNA replication, etc.  The knowledge you get from high school, in fact, sets the foundations and helps you learn many other amazing things. However, the fact is, science is a huge subject, it does not end at high school, and when you start learning the higher level, the science gets really exciting and interesting. Here you can find some of the amazing fact of science that you might not know until now.  Well! Maybe some of you might know these facts but most of us may not know about them.

Water can boil and freeze at the same time:

It is an amazing fact about science, water can boil and freeze at the same time, it is known as ‘triple point.’ This happens when the pressure and temperature are just perfect for the three phases, ie., liquid, gas, and solid of a substance to synchronize in thermodynamic balance.

Humans are associated with fungi:

Recently a study conducted in 2015 by the University of Cambridge shows that mankind may have grown with DNA that came from plants. Because of these new findings, researchers believe that around one percent of the human gene could have been attained from plants, reported by the Telegraph.  If any of your family members call themselves a ’fungi,’ then he/she might be actually right.

An egg looks like a jellyfish underwater:

 if an egg fell on the ground, it makes a mess, but if it fell 60 feet below the surface of the sea, the pressure on the egg will be 2.8 times climatic pressure, and it clasps it all together like a hidden eggshell.

The Blackhole swallows a star:

When a black hole swallows a star, it will be forced into the black hole, and then you can see a spurt of plasma is belched out across hundreds of light-years. When the black hole swallows the start, the gravitation force rips the star apart and some particles of the star fall back in the black hole, while the remaining parts will be evicted at high speed says the researcher Suvi Gezari from Johns Hopkins University.

Hot water freezes faster than cold water: This science fact sees unreasonable, but it is a fact that hot water freezes faster than cold water, and it is known as the Mpemba effect. This effect is named after a student from Tanzanian called Erasto –Mpemba told his teacher that a hot mixture of ice cream froze quicker than the cold one.  According to scientists, this happens because the tempos of water particles have a particular temperature and when the water is hot, it gets frozen quickly. If this is proven right, then this finding could have propositions in daily life, like cooling the electronic devices.