About Journal

The power of the information and knowledge outweights the power of weapons and authority. We live in the era of scientific wonders. Yet, still in 21st century the religion has its roots everywhere around the world. It has spread through the mental dominance and physical abuse. We believe that the science should be popularized by the opposite methods.

Popularization of science, however, is much needed in the modern world. The scientific progress is being delayed in many countries and atheists are being demonized. This is the reason why we exist – we want to make sure that the society understands well the value of the science and the scientists. Perhaps it sounds ridiculous that we even need to do that, but unfortunately there is a strong need for it.

SecularEarth.Com is an online journal focusing on the science and highlighting achievements of non-religious people. We want to break the stereotype around Atheists and show how secular society is much better than the religious one.

The organization is strictly non-profit. Therefore, you will not see any advertisement on the website. Donations are always welcome, but we rather receive a great articles for publishing from you than simply a money.